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- 心を落ち着かせ、ストレス解消に。そして集中力を高めます。 -

講師 吉松聖博(曹洞宗ヨーロッパ国際布教総監部 書記)

● 日時 : 12月6日 水曜日 午後7時から8時まで

● 料金 : 5ユーロ

● 内容 : 坐り方の説明(10分程度) 坐禅(30分程度) 坐禅についてのお話(20分程度)

● 持参するもの クッション、またはバスタオル等 

● 定員 : 20名

※ 座禅会は日本語で行われます。

▲ 要予約
E-mail :
Tel : 01 44 76 06 06

JINEN Butoh Intensive Winter Workshop 2018
- Apollo and Dionysos & The dance of the masks -
with Atsushi Takenouchi

DATE : January 19, 20, 22, 23, 24, 25 (6 days / total 46hours)

TIME : 12:00 – 19:30
* only on January 25th,11:00-20:00
* on January 25th, each solo/duo presentation from 14:00 to 20:00 at EspaceCulturel Bertin Poirée.

PLACE : Espace Culturel Bertin Poirée

PRICE : 320 euros / 290 euros ( students and unemployed)
maximum parcitipants : 22 people

- Apollo and Dionysos & The dance of the masks -
During this workshop, we will study our body movements through butoh dance. We are going to do improvisation with principal butoh's basic, and we will meet « the dance of the soul ».
Then, each one will try to find his « mask dance » and finally each one will create his dance in which soul and mask will confound.
« Apollinian energy , Dionysian energy »
Ying and yang ? Light and darkness, shape and energy, Apollo and Dionysos.
Two principles which conflict and complement each other.
During the workshop we wil explore our body as breath, movement and voice, related to Apollo and Dionysos primordial energies.
Power of light, symmetry, harmony and trancendence of the Apollinian presence and power of earth, fire, ecstasy of the dionysian action shall be expressed through the body with movement and sound.
At the same time we will work on some elements of japanese mythology :
-Amaterasu, female deity, close to Apollo's sun energy
-Susano, male deity and Amanozume, female deity, both related to dionysian energy.
Thanks to those elements we will explore Apollo and Dionysos's male and female energies, as two sides of a same face.
Through Greek and Japanese's mythologies, beyond Europ and Asia, we will try to reach some archetypes of the humanity.

« Dance of masks »
In many civilisations, men used masks, in a religious way or in an artistic way (Greece, Japan, Tibet, etc.). They enable men to live many transformations and also to touch something primordial, archetypal.
Who is dancing ? Me or my mask ? Is it me who is dancing, or one of my masks ?
Each one of us hold inside a part of Apollo, a part of Dionysos. The are many masks in us. If we are deeply connected to our inside, and that our mask also is, then may be that the multiple becomes one...
At the end of the experience, if we are unified with our mask, we can take it off, dancig with or without is the same.
What will be this dance?

** Reservation is needed in advance, since the number is limited. Please contact to Espace Culturel Bertin Poirée and give your name, address, contact telephone number, e-mail address and your short introduction with physical experience (Butoh, dance, theatre, mime, or any kind of body training).

***Requisites for Participants: Previous experience in Butoh workshop required, or physical training like dance and theatre. As a general rule, the participants must be able to attend the whole period of 6 days.
•This intensive workshop is for people with experience in Butoh Workshops. In this 10 days workshop, we work on the creation of each participant 15 minutes solo and duo Butoh. A.Takenouchi will guide participants how to create solo/duo Butoh on the stage. 
At same time, every day we make solo for 2-3 participants at end of workshop time.
• Participants seek the true nature of Butoh, that is to dance, be danced and keep dancing.
Costume : Please bring a costume and/or disguise and shoes that suit the soul you are trying to express. As in Yin Yang, we can have western and eastern, classics and moderns, extremes of various types. Please do not hesitate to bring any kind of costume or disguise. Dresses, flashy disguises and bizarre outfits are acceptable. At last presentation day,if you like to put white body paint on you. Please bring that white material by yourself.
Accomodation : We have some information for accomodation, so please ask to Espace Culturel Bertin Poiree if you need info. And Please make a reservation by yourself.


Informations and Réservation :
Tél : 01 44 76 06 06
E-mail :

お問い合わせ :

エスパス ベルタン・ポワレ
8-12, rue Bertin Poirée 75001 Paris
Métro : Châelet, Pont-Neuf
Tél : 01 44 76 06 06
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